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Five Inch Action Figures

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Next Generation Movie Crew This is most of the principal crew of the Next Generation feature films, except Doctor Crusher and Engineer LaForge. They are in the uniform they wore in Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Insurrection. These characters are some of the best ever created for Star Trek.
Borg Figures   This is a small collection of Borg action figures. The figures shown are a Borg Drone, the Borg Queen, Locutus, and former Borg drone Seven of Nine. The Borg have and always will be one of the coolest aliens ever to appear on Star Trek because of their cold demeanor and evil intentions.
1701 Three Pack   To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek, Playmates released three figures limited to 1701 pieces. They later mass produced them in this pack. They are interesting figures, but basically head swaps from earlier figures, Picard in classic uniform is the best one because of the uniform.
Twin Pack In 1998, Playmates began releasing multi-packs of figures. This one is the Kirk and Spock from "Amok Time," available only through The best things about this set are the background and the cool weapons that they can use to beat each other up.
Transporter Rand and Chapel These toy are two of the transporter series of figures. They are Yeoman Janice Rand and Nurse Christine Chapel from the Original Series. The thing about the transporter figures were that they were just re-released figures that were molded with some clear plastic and placed on something that makes noise.
Classic Bridge Set   This is a boxed set of the original crew of the Enterprise from the days of the original 1960's television series. They are displayed in a box with a cardboard bridge. These are pretty cool because this is the only way some of these figures have ever been released, even though they are from the main show.